ADBEEL WRP- 4 is a liquid plasticiser, or water reducing agent used to improve workability of concrete mixes or to allow an effective reduction in the free water content to be made. The effect is achieved by its adsorption onto the surface of the cement particles in a concrete mix giving a powerful deflocculating action. It can also be used to effectively reduce permeability of concrete.

ADBEEL WRP-4 is formulated from carefully selected raw materials and is manufactured under controlled conditions to give a consistent product. It is based on high grade modified lignosulphonic acid derivative and depending on addition rate,

ADBEEL WRP-4 meets the requirements of Type A and D materials of ASTM designation C-494 and BS EN 934-2.

Typical Properties

Appearance: Dark Brown Liquid
Specific Gravity: 1.16 at 20oC
Air Entrainment: Air content of concrete mixes will
normally be increased by between 1% and 2%
Chloride Content: NIL
Freezing Point: 0oC

Addition Rates

Range: 0.4% – 1.0% volume by weight of cement


  • The effective plasticising action of ADBEEL WRP-4 will give increased workability to most types of concrete mixes. Harsh mixes, such as those produced with crushed rock aggregates, are considerably improved in the plastic and hardened state.
  • When used for its water reducing effect, reductions in the water content in the region of 10% can normally be achieved with subsequent increases in strength, impermeability and durability.
  • ADBEEL WRP-4 can be used to modify concrete mix designs to achieve cement reductions.
  • The reduction in excess water which can be achieved, together with the slight air entrainment, characteristic of lignosulphonic acid derivatives, is effective in increasing the impermeability of concrete. Surface finishes can be improved and blemishes such as ‘sand runs’ overcome.
  • ADBEEL WRP-4 is of particular value in concreting operations subject to high ambient temperatures.
  • It extends the period of time when the concrete can be placed and compacted.
  • ADBEEL WRP-4 is recommended for use where waterproofing or structural concrete is specified. Significant reductions in water permeability and penetration can be obtained.