ADBEEL SP-1 when introduced into concrete will produce high work ability concrete which is virtually self-levelling and requires little or no vibration during handling and placing. In addition, it can be used to effect large water reductions in concrete of normal workability to achieve higher early and subsequent strengths.

ADBEEL SP-1 can be used with all types of Portland, Pozzolanic and Blast Furnace cements. It can also be used with fly ash and silicafume.


  • Substantial increases in work ability can be obtained by a direct addition of ADBEEL SP-1 to a mix having a slump in the range 50-100mm. The magnitude of this increase is often such that the concrete becomes self leveling and minimal vibration is required to achieve a dense and void free concrete.
  • High strength mixes can be produced at normal work abilities and cement contents but at reduced water/cement ratios. The result concrete is of a dense and impermeable nature.
  • ADBEEL SP-1 is completely non-retarding and hence concrete setting and formwork stripping times are unaffected.
  • Concretes containing ADBEEL SP-1 have been extensively evaluated and have shown no disadvantage in terms of durability or deformation under load