ADBEEL SAG-11 is a liquid concrete plasticiser or water reducing agent, used to improve the work ability and slump retaining properties of concrete. It can be used especially in hot weather conditions, where extension of work ability will allow sufficient delivery and placement times.

ADBEEL SAG-11 is an extremely versatile product and is effective over a wide range of mixdesignsfrom lowthrough to high cement contents and by virtue of its water reducing properties can also be used to reduce the permeability of concrete.

ADBEEL SAG-11 is formulated from carefully selected raw materials and is manufactured under controlled conditions to give a consistent product.

ADBEEL SAG-11 can be used will all types of Portland, Pozzolanic and Blast furnace cements. It is also compatible with cements containing fly ash and/or silica fume.


  • SAG-11 will increase work ability
  • Harsh mixes considerably improved
  • Excellent with crushed rock aggregate
  • Water reduction in region of 10% achievable
  • Increase strength, impermeability and durability
  • SAG-11 can be used to modify concrete mix designs to affect cement economies
  • Assists in improving surface finish characteristics
  • Enhances slump retention properties of concrete
  • Effective at high ambienttemperatures
  • SAG-11 can be used for structural concrete
  • Suitable for Ready mixed and Precast concrete applications
  • Improve concrete cohesiveness and pump ability