ADBEEL FRA is a chemical release agent, specially formulated to give easy release of formwork and high quality surface finishes to concrete.


ADBEEL FRA should be stire well before dilution with water ADBEEL FRA is diluted with max 4 part of water and then stir well mix before application it can be applied to all types of formwork by spray, fine haired brush, swab or roller, Any excess should be mopped up and removed.


100-120 square meters per liter (with 4 part of Water).

The above figures apply to the use of the material with a fine spray on metal or sealed ply at 20°C. Rough forms, hand application and cold weather may give lower coverage rates.

With new timber a sealing coat should be applied first followed by a second coat before placing the concrete.


  • ADBEEL FRA is suitable for use on all types of formwork
  • It is a sediment free, highly mobile liquid, which can be used in very fine sprays without clogging the jets
  • There is no unpleasant odour, even when using a fine fog spray
  • Very economic coverage rates can be obtained without difficulty
  • ADBEEL FRA retains its mobility at low temperatures
  • It may be applied immediately prior to casting, or treated forms may be left until apparently dry Widespread experience shows thattreated forms can be exposed to give usual results
  • Continued use give progressively better results on timber formwork
  • ADBEEL FRA dries in 1-2 hours to give a safe working surface on shutters
  • ADBEEL FRA provides quick, positive release of formwork, reducing labour costs and damage to formwork and moulds
  • It drastically reduces the incidence of blowholes, surface blemishes and staining
  • It is an effective rust inhibitor