ADBEEL MR-12 is a high performance liquid water reducing plasticiser that has been developed to enhance workability and improve slump retention properties of concrete, whilst providing improved ultimate compressive strengths. It is an extremely versatile and flexible product and is effective over a wide range of cement contents and cement types. ADBEEL MR-12 is especially beneficial in water reduction of concrete mix designs. It can be used effectively in cementitious systems that utilise modified or Portland cements.

ADBEEL MR-12 is formulated from carefully selected raw materials and is manufactured under controlled conditions to give a consistent product. Depending on dosage rate,

ADBEEL MR-12 meets the requirements of ASTM C-494 Type A and D and BS EN 934-2.

The main application areas for ADBEEL MR-12 are:

  • Modified Cement Concretes
  • High quality concrete
  • Reinforced concrete structures
  • Pre-stressed precast elements
  • Silica Fume concrete
  • Bridge decks
  • In-situ structures
  • Ready mixed concrete

Typical Properties

Appearance: Dark Brown Liquid
Specific Gravity: 1.16 at 20oC
Air Entrainment: Typically 0.5% – 1.0% over control mix
Chloride Content: Nil

Addition Rates

Range: 0.4% – 1.5% volume by weight of cement subject to
cement type, content and w/c ratio.


  • Permits excellent water reduction, resulting in improved concrete strengths and durability.
  • ADBEEL MR-12 is particularly useful for imparting high workability and excellent slump retention to concrete mixes so that large or difficult pours can be made, especially under hot climatic conditions.
  • Aids cohesion, especially when harsh mixes are used. This improves the surface finish of the concrete.
  • Reduces bleeding and enhances the pumping characteristics of the concrete.
  • Good surface finish, providing highly aesthetic concrete appearance.
  • Improved durability.