ADBEEL GROUT 500 is a premixed cementitious non shrink grout, giving high performance at various consistencies. Formulated to meet CRD C621 standard, ADBEEL GROUT 500 is non gaseous, non corrosive, non oxidizing and is free of chlorides and nitrates.


ADBEEL GROUT 500 can be used in all grouting situations where shrinkage is undesirable. Typical uses are under-plate grouting, space grouting, and repairs to precast concrete, bedding bearing plates, anchor bolt fixing, and cable grouting and crane rail assembly. Concrete repairs and floor toppings can also be carried out using ADBEEL GROUT 500.


  • ADBEEL GROUT 500 is a true non gaseous grout, free of bleeding, settlement and shrinkage, with long term stability over a wide range of temperatures and humidity.
  • Factory blended and packed to eliminate site variations and errors.
  • Extremely fluid consistency for easy application in difficult access areas.
  • Excellent flow retention and long usable life even at high ambient temperature.
  • High, non corrosive, bonding to steel and concrete
  • High early strength characteristics for rapid return to services.
  • Non Shrink maintain maximum contact with surface.
  • Excellent ultimate strength, even atfluid consistency.

Appearance:Gray, granular powder
Mixed Density :2100kg/mto2300kg/m
dependent on consistency