Hight Performance Super plasticizer for Ready-mix Applications with Outstanding Work ability Extension


ADBEEL HYPERMIX-01 is a high performance liquid super plasticiser specifically designed for the production of ready- mixed concrete. It is intended for use in a wide range of ready-mix concrete applications where, in addition to a super plasticising effect, exceptional slump retention is possible.

Up to two hours is possible dependent on dosage and mix design used.

It is also beneficial in improving cohesion of concretes especially in applications where difficult or inaccessible pours are to be made.

ADBEEL HYPERMIX-01 is based on next generation modified synthetic carboxylated polymers and offers concrete producers the advantages of the latest advances in concrete technology.

ADBEEL HyperMix-01 conforms to EN 934-2 and is manufactured under controlled conditions to give a consistent product


  • ADBEEL HYPERMIX-01 is especially suitable for producing high work ability concrete with excellent rheology and outstanding slump-retention.
  • Highly flexible dosage response to allow water reductions from 10% to 30%.
  • Can produce high work ability concrete with low w/c ratio.
  • Exceptional work ability extension, dependent on dosage and mix design up to two hours slump life can be possible.
  • Minimal impact on setting time.
  • Improved concrete cohesion.
  • Enhanced pump ability.
  • Dose efficient.
  • High early and later age strength of concrete.
  • Improved tolerance to changes in cement sources.
  • Suitable for use in concrete mix designs containing PFA, GGBS or microsilica.



400 ml -1200 ml per 100 kg cement 0.4%-1.20 (v/w) by wt. of cement

General Appearance Bulk Density Shelf life Chloride content