ADBEEL SET C-085 is a on-corrosive, non-chloride admixture for concrete. It accelerates cement hydration, resulting in shortened setting times and increased early compressive strengths.


In concrete mixtures, ADBEEL SET C-085 accelerates the chemical reaction between Portland cement and water. It speeds up the formation of gel – the binder that bonds concrete aggregates together. Accelerated gel formation, shortens the setting time of concrete, compensates for the set-slowing effects and contributes to the development of higher strength. Gel formation promotes heat generation within the mixture & improves setting time during the critical first hour after placement.


Range: 500ml-4000ml per 100kg cement (0.5%-4% volume by weight of cement)


  • Specially formulated to reduce concrete setting times and increase early strength of concrete.
  • Used to speed finishing operations and/or mould removal, leading to savings in concrete construction costs.
  • Provides set acceleration and early strength development, but without the potential corrosive effects.
  • Can be used where potential corrosion of embedded or stressed steel must be avoided.
  • Can be used in concrete that is to be placed on steel clad or zinc coated steel decks where corrosion must be avoided.