About Company


ADBEEL Chemicals Pvt Ltd is in the construction products industry since last 10 years. ADBEEL’s Concrete admixtures, cement additives, waterproofing chemicals and masonry products strengthen and protect concrete structures. Designers constantly demand improved structural integrity with lower long terms maintenance costs. To meet these requirements, ADBEEL uses its technical expertise and market knowledge in the development of value- added product solutions for the construction industry.

For more than 10 years, in Local market ADBEEL Chemicals has improved the quality of concrete by developing concrete admixtures recognized for their work ability, strength and durability enhancement and the chloride resistance they impartto concrete.

ADBEEL Chemicals is committed to raising the standards for the industry through the development of innovative new products and practices to meet the needs and demands of its customer and develop new markets.

ADBEEL Chemicals Pvt Ltd also delivers a level of services and support for its products that is unique in the industry. ADBEEL customers credit the assistance of their ADBEEL sales representative as the single most important service the company offers, providing support throughout all phases of the project.

ADBEEL offers extensive field and laboratory technical services to assist customers in producing consistently high quality concrete.